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Grace Fuller Keeps It Super Simple

Grace Fuller’s path to where she is now has not been a straight line; it’s taken organic twists and turns, leading her from fashion to jewelry to landscaping, where her philosophy is to embrace natural growth, and “let plants be how they’re supposed to be,” as opposed to forcing a certain aesthetic. Raised in both Philadelphia and Rome, she began her career as an editor at Vogue, then moving on to become a jewelry editor at W Magazine. While at W, she dabbled in design, launching her own line of luxury robe-coats called CINQUE. In 2018, however, she decided to exit the industry and pursue a life-long interest in landscapes and gardening.

Less is almost always more — except for when gardening.

Now she has her own company, which has completed various commercial and private projects in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Mexico. She’s committed to planting at least two-thirds native plants on every job — a practice that encourages a more organic ecosystem. When not working, Fuller lives with her husband and their two small children in the West Village, where she finds a balance of simple and complex in her rooftop garden, which resembles something like an untamed, urban forest sanctuary.

Grace Fuller Keeps It Super Simple

What does ‘simplicity’ mean to you? What makes it more than just ‘plain’ or boring?

Simplicity means to uncomplicate. In my opinion, less is almost always more — except for when gardening.

What’s your approach to gardening? Can you say more about that?

What I like to go for — and you can see this a little bit on my own roof — is to just let it go. Those are Idina Menzel's words, not mine, by the way. We live in a world where we're so used to having everything fixed and planned; everything has an exactness to it. But I think with nature we have to unlearn a lot of that, and just let things grow and exist in their natural state. Let plants be how they’re supposed to be.

For all of my landscaping projects — wherever they are, whatever climate or continent they’re in — I’ve committed that we will plant at least two-thirds native plants. That's really important to me. Planting native encourages the ecosystem to do its thing, and, of course, there's a real beauty in that. You plan for longevity, knowing that a plant is going to be a tree in ten years, for example, or maybe 40 years, or maybe 100 years... You have to be okay with things taking their natural form and shape over time, and not trying to put your human touch on it.

Grace Fullers Gardening Shears

How does this approach relate to your personal aesthetic, if at all?

I've always respected this sort of timeless look. That's always how I'm thinking when I'm planting, or when I'm setting a table, or when I'm dressing myself. I appreciate an aesthetic with a long-term goal. I like to ask: What is this going to look like down the line?

Grace Fuller wearing her Carolina Bucci K.I.S.S. Bracelet

Does this look embody simplicity in any way? How does simplicity fit into your style?

I think that classic looks achieve the most simplicity. But, I mean, I don't even know that I would describe my own style like that. There's such an ebb and flow to it, and so many factors that go into putting myself together. For me, it's hard to pinpoint just one thing. I'm very relaxed, I’d say, but with a little flair.

Grace Fuller's Levi Jeans

What is/are the simplest item(s) in your closet that you wear the most?

Jeans and a t-shirt and a great pair of boots. I wear Levi's almost every day. Today I'm wearing a white dress and a Levi's jean jacket, so I'm sort of switching it up. For boots, The Row and Prada are my go-tos.

Grace Fullers Denim Jacket

Is there a way in which you’ve been forced to simplify something in recent memory? How did that experience work out?

Simplifying my calendar and sticking to it. I must say, it’s the most challenging and rewarding experience. What I mean by that is just having it all in one place. I make sure that my work calendar and my personal calendar are synched.

Grace Fuller's Busy Calendar

Which piece did you choose from the Carolina Bucci’s K.I.S.S. collection, and what do you like about it? How does it embody simplicity, in your mind? How do you plan on wearing it?

The K.I.S.S. small bracelet is perfect. I wear it on its own, as I feel that’s the way it looks best. I’d like to collect more over the years and wear them together.

Grace Fuller's Carolina Bucci K.I.S.S. Bracelet

What’s your approach to simplifying your closet?

I think it’s important to have everything displayed in a way so that when you’re dressing you can pick across the board.

What’s one simple thing you did today that made you feel good?

Smiled for my good health!

Grace Fuller's Smile