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Margherita Missoni’s FORTE Beads Bracelet

Margherita Missoni, a name essential to those versed in fashion, is a renowned designer, model, mother, and heiress to the luxury fashion house, Missoni. Over the phone, her playful presence bursts through, narrating a fairy tale of her own making. One filled with Lego bouquets, operas, local markets and a bit of legacy.

Missoni was founded by her grandparents, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. Italian to the core, the brand continues to be based in Varese, a northern city known for its art-nouveau villas. Margherita’s passion and dedication to her family’s vision is beautifully highlighted in her bold use of colours; and as always with her designs, her FORTE Beads bracelet embodies her celebration of creativity, joy, and the inspiration palpable in her everyday life.

Describe your experience of designing a FORTE Beads bracelet. How did you come to your design? Did you immediately know what beads you were drawn to, or did you have to think about it?

There’s nothing I like more than a “do it yourself” craft, so I really enjoyed designing my bracelet. The idea I followed was to create a collection of beads, rather than a precise scheme. The collection is like collecting shells during holidays, adding one memory after the other. It has a very summery feeling for me.

Margherita's FORTE Bead Bracelet

Shop Margherita's FORTE Bead Bracelet

Are these colours you typically use in your design practice? If so, is there ever a time when you deviate from this palette?

I’m really at ease using colours; I use them all the time, so no, this is not an atypical palette for me. I vary a lot in that sense.

How do you anticipate others will feel when wearing your bracelet; what kinds of emotions and stories do you hope to evoke?

I hope people will feel joy when they wear this bracelet and bring smiles to their faces.

Where do colours show up in other parts of your life? In your home, garden, clothes, in books, movies, etc.? What are 'your' colours?

Colours show up pretty much everywhere in my life. I don’t even notice them. It’s so natural for me to surround myself with different colours and prints.

What is a colour you’ve never worked with before and why?

There’s no colour that I haven’t worked with.

What are some sources of inspiration you look towards in your own design practice?

I think it’s really important for anyone who works as a creative to make efforts to go out and see things. Whether that’s traveling, just walking on the streets and seeing how people dress, or going to see the opera. Everything is an inspiration that may hit you in some unexpected way. Inspiration is everywhere.

What, or with whom, is your dream collaboration — with anyone from any time period, a place, an organisation, etc.

My dream collaboration would be with a furniture brand. At the moment, I would love to work with someone on a home collection.

Margherita Missoni's home

What are the best and worst parts of working in fashion?

It is a job that is also a passion for me; that is the best part. The worst part is the tight rhythm that doesn’t necessarily correspond to today’s needs.

How has the industry changed since you’ve been working? How do you think it will change in the post-pandemic future?

The industry has changed a lot. Especially in the last couple years, we have been pushed to make changes that were long overdue. Hopefully all the companies and people that have tried to overcome this using their own strength, without following the traditional path, will come out stronger.

Tell us about a favorite piece of jewellery that you own. Where did you get it — was it a gift, a hand-me-down, a travel find? What makes it so special?

My favorite piece of jewellery that I own is a natural pearl pendant that my mother gave me when I graduated from high school. I’ve been wearing it on my forehead for a long time, but lately, I’m wearing it around my neck again. It has two sides so I can either wear it with diamonds or with two tiny emeralds. It gives me a sort of Star Wars vibe when I wear it on my head so it makes me feel in touch with my super powers.

Describe your ideal vacation. What are you wearing, where are you going and who would you take with you?

My ideal vacation is going somewhere I haven’t been before, scouting local markets while wearing a loose shirt and a sarong around my hips. Infinity tevas are the best sandals ever for walking around.